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Irregular Gas Safety Certificates

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Question: I have a property which when the tenant moved in had a gas safety certificate. For whatever reasons I have been confused when the next certificate was due and now having pieced it together realised that there has, over a period of 5 years, been lapses between dates of 2 days min or 4 weeks max. Have I really screwed up here? Do I have access to Section 21 - I'm not wanting the tenant out, and after Sept 2020 I believe a Sec 21 wouldn't stand anyway? Also, am I able to undertake a rent revision? If I needed the tenant to leave (eg no longer fiscally feasible to keep the property as a rental) do I have any protection or because of the error with the gas safety certificates am I out in the cold? Thank you for your assistance.

28/08/2019 00:30

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