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I have used a firm to help me with a Section 8 notice and was granted possession by the judge on the mandatory grounds of more than 2 months rent arrears.

The tenant has 14 days from the judgment but I want to gain possession as quickly as possible to minimise my lossess.

I have not had any official confirmation from the court (although the firm I used emailed to confirm what I knew from attending the hearing).

  1. Can I instruct bailiffs now, before the 14 days is up, given that there a major delays at the county court (6 weeks I was told)?
  2. I have been advised by my advocate to ask to have the matter transferred to the High Court to speed things up since High Court bailiffs will come quicker. I am a widower of 3 years, have 2 kids, this and 3 other properties are my only source of income and apparently those would be sufficient grounds to make the request.
  3. Can I instruct both the county court bailiff now and do point 2 simultaneously?

30/08/2019 18:03

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