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Our tenant is in arrears and has received housing benefit but only paid us a small insuffcient amount. The council have given us details of all the payments and will now be paying us directly. Please can you advise, our married tenants split and since January the woman and their two children are living in the property. We are looking to writing and asking for these arrears within 14 days. Should we write to the guarantor and make them aware of the situation and would we be able to ask them to pay if necessary. We have been very understanding with our tenant and suggested using a monthís holding deposit to offset some of the arrears, to which she agreed. We are considering asking for this to be paid back, as she has received the money from the council and has not informed us. Our tenant also agreed to pay us the shortfall each month and is not doing this. We are holding out as she says she has a job now, with the police! but we canít be sure she is telling the truth.

Thank-you for any advice you can give, it would be really appreciated.
18/07/2015 00:33

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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