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Tenant made redundant

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First of all apologies if this topic (question) is a repeat and I am asking for what was already discussed and mentioned before, but it is a little urgent and I am just hoping to find some facts and information as soon as I can.

My tenant phoned estate agent yesterday to tell them he was made redundant and rent which is due this week will be delayed a few days.. He lived there for 5 years so far and have always paid rent on time, so that is not the issue which worries me (not yet anyway).

My issue is the estate agent said we advised him like we advise all families with redundancy experience to fill out the forms for housing benefit asap. This is my issue, when I was looking for tenants in 2015 I was advised to go for the private rents, and I followed that advise as I did not know much about the housing benefit system and how it works etc, so it was easier for me to leave that option out.

Just to highlight I have moaned about this tenant previously, because in the last 12 months I served them section 21 twice and he says he cannot find a similar rent and same kind of property in the same area so he refused to leave, against my wishes which I explained to him that I really want to sell the property asap. The property is getting old and needs major work which I cannot afford. So far I avoided the court application only because the first ever gas certificate sent to him by estate agent, was done by email back in 2015, on the same week when he moved in, and although the same email has been used for all communication ever since, I am just really very concerned this tenant will try to use this issue to challenge me in court because he really wants to stay there forever!! he told me before ''let me know when you go to court'' and he said same thing to estate agent in a manner that surprised them too. and I have a feeling he will not show decency until the last minute and only leave when I can find a way to force him out. I am just trying to find a good legal advise and check if insurance can help with legal costs, in the mean time I am in limbo and let him destroy the property slowly. he has made some serious damage and although it is an older property but it was nice and spotless when he moved there, not any more.

I would really appreciate some advise if there is something I should do now to cover myself that he is been made redundant? or I simply just have to accept it and find the right solicitor to evict him? or will this change in the situation make it harder for me now?

Please advise.

Thank you very much

05/09/2019 11:31

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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