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UC making payment to my tenant when I filled UC47 form.

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I have tenant who owes me well over £1800 and he moved from the Housing Benefits to UC. Immediately, I contacted the UC and they told me to fill the UC47 form with information upon arrears. I filled it up and they promised to recover the arrears and send me the rent direct. The form was filled on 19/05/19 and after a few days, I rang them up to confirm that they have received it. I didn't receive any rent in June and made inquiry. UC told me it will take sometime. I received the arrear instalment end of June but no rent payment. So, I rang the UC on 05/08/19 and the lady would not care to investigate but told me to wait. I received the next rent arrear statement last week and on Monday, I rang UC about the rent payment. This time, the man took time to investigate and told me that it is set up to go to you direct. When I told him that nothing has been received, then he told me that it has gone to a wrong account ending four digits but he won't tell me the name of the person. He asked me to ring again and he will talk to the supervisor. Today, I rang UC and a lady answered. She gave me the name of my tenant and advised me to recover from my tenant through solicitors. I told her that UC made the mistake, then why I should suffer? She was aggressive and she wasn't helpful. The tenant was homeless and my letting Agent got him in without telling me.

So, what is your advice please?

06/09/2019 15:54

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