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Landlord won't leave!

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I'm a letting agent but I've recently found myself in a rather sticky situation and I'm rather unsure of how to proceed.

I established an AST agreement on Sunday using the RLA standard document to a group of students leasing a 5 bedroom house. At the last moment one of the tenants pulled out however the others wished to continue with the lease agreement hoping to find another tenant to let the additional room. On the landlords request I made an ammendment to the contract stating that the agreement was for the letting of 4 of the rooms in the property and the landlord retains the right to tenant the remaining room. The security deposit and rent was adjusted to reflect this change, however as this was done on the spot these changes where just made as additional inclusions to the standard document then initialed by all parties.

The issue we now have is that the landlord has retained residency at the property despite advising the tenants before signing the lease they'd have vacant possession. The tenants had been advised that he would assist them in finding a tenant for the extra room there had never been any discussion about him taking occupation. Our biggest concern is that he is behaving offensively toward the young female occupents. He has also had a girlfriend staying with him at the property and they have been overtly 'vocalised' in their personal liaisons and making the new tenants feel extremely uncomfortable.

The girls and their parents have been phoning asking about their rights to peaceful abode and when this is being raised with the landlord he says he intends to remain at the property for xxxx amount of time. Can you advise of the tenants rights in this matter. Is the landlord in breach of the agreement by remaining at the property or does the clause we added give him exemption as he is now taking occupation of the additional room?

Any guidance would be fantastic as I am at a complete loss on this issue.

Thank you!!!

03/10/2006 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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