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Long term great tenant in difficulty.

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I am in a quandry. I have a great tenant renting a house off me for 14 years. She have been claiming housing benefit for all of that period and apart from the odd hiccup it has been consistently paid and up to date. She has opted to have it paid direct to me, which is good.
4 weeks ago the rent stopped and I went a saw her (she had not contacted me which did irk me somewhat) and she told me they had stopped paying the HB and there was going to be some kind of tribunal in the near future. She was appealing and asked that the rent be continued to be paid and she showed me a letter saying that the HB people had responded by saying that it would continue to be paid in a letter.
I was ok with this......then. Unfortunately no rent has been paid and it was 10 days ago I saw her.
I asked her to keep me informed....I have had no calls from her.
I think she is depressed and I do not think I am getting the full story. I did tell her that if the non payment of rent continued I would have to take the appropriate action and she acknowledged this. I am not a hard hearted Van Hoogstraten type and I would like to be patient and give time for the tenant to get it sorted. Unfortunately she is not communicating very well and it makes it difficult.

Any advise from members would be appreciated.

07/09/2019 13:03

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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