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return of rent from deposit

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My tenant walked out 9 months into a 12 months tenancy by just sending me 1 months notice by email. I accepted the one months notice rather than insisting they complete the contract. They indicated they had no choice but to go because of the anti social behaviour of the neighbours despite indicating everything had been fine until the month before. They left well before the end of the month notice but on the last rent day paid £1 rather than £800. I asked them why and they said we had failed to support them - difficult to do since they never came to us with the problem. I have waited until the 1 months notice was up and asked the dps to return the deposit to us in lieu of rent. The tenant has come back with a counter offer that £500 should be paid to us and they should get £300. I am loathe to agree because they owe us that rent but if it goes to arbitration they are going to play the "we had to go because it was impossible to stay" card. I have investigated their claim of anti social behaviour (they admit they never spoke to the offending neighbour about it) and it has come to light that they in fact were the ones causing problems! Much as it goes against the grain would I be best to take the offer with the certainty it gives since past forum reply on the DPS arbitration suggest they tend to favour the tenant

10/09/2019 08:54

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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