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Are there any usable exemptions from the upcoming energy efficiency requirements for difficult to insulate properties?

I have a long-term rural tenant in a solid wall stone cottage with a stone flag roof and floor.

EPC rating is apalling (6/100) and there is no realistic prospect of achieving band 'E' according to the current EPC without adding a microgeneration scheme.

I am in process of putting all realistic measures in place (internal solid wall and roof insulation, tank jacket, low energy lighting etc.) - there is no attic for 'loft' insulation and floor insulation is likely to cause problems due to undermining of walls which have no foundation but this work will still not likely hit band 'E'according to the assessor.

I cannot install solar PV (as advised by the assessor) due to the stone flag construction of the roof- the building does not have suitable land for ground mounted solar or a wind turbine.

To add to the problem heating is solid fuel stove so not easily made more efficient- there is no mains gas supply and the tenant cannot afford oil/lpg for a high efficiency boiler- he obtains free firewood for heating at present.

He has 4 years of his tennancy remaining, and would likely stay on beyond that- but will I have to stop renting the house to him in 2023 anyway?

If so, it seems a waste of money to proceed with the current insulation project beyond low energy lighting- surely not the intention of the legislation?
03/08/2015 18:04

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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