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How do you tell your tenant the house is dirty

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Help, I have a tenant that moved in 5 years ago with her family. I pointed things out at each 6 month visit, but was ignored. She then stopped paying and wanted S21 served, then realised council was not so accommodating as promised her and has back tracked and started paying back the arrears, so I tread very carefully.

However, they live like animals, they know I am coming and yet washing up around sink which must be weeks old, food everywhere, grime everywhere. Bedrooms like pig stys, kids have painted on walls, totally disgusting - and she is a teacher! Toilets blocked in the past as they kept throwing hand towels down it - so I have sucked it all up and fixed as we went along and mentioned more needs to be done to avoid infestations, but how can I lay the law down more? I gave her back her deposit to help with her husband not working for a year - I have bent over backwards, but now I want something back from them before they do move out and leave it as it is. Just a basic clean would be appreciated, but how do I ask this?

10/09/2019 11:17

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