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I guess , some of you may know me as I was moaning here about my tenant was neither paying me rent nor vacating, it was a court hearing yesterday. Tenant did turn up at the court at last min asking for an interpreter. Court didn't have one so usher was trying to sort out - in mean time my solicitor talked to him and he asked for free solicitor and he helped him for that . His solicitor came to mine after having a word with him saying he has medical certificate saying he is unfit to work so he didn't have work and can't pay , my solicitor said tuff luck , then he showed council letter - council paid me HB - found him working - so benefit terminated and want all back from him so he said he don't have money for landlord. His solicitor told him that we have mandatory ground , these two reasons not good enough- in mean time he insisted for interpreting, then he said he will call his friend for translation and then he left the building saying he will wait at the door - hearing was 20 min delayed and then finally we been called for our turn - I , my solicitor nand his solicitor attend the hearing, his solicitor told the judge his part - judge said he should be here if he has to say something- then judge asked my solicitor- what are you after? He said mandatory ground - possession in 14 days, then he asked for section 42- high court enforcement officers order - we been granted that as well , then we asked for deposit to be transfer - he asked the tenancy contract and then he granted that as well - JOB DONE and we were out in 10 mins , I had to wait for my friend for lift so waiting more than half an hour at the door in mean time the scrounger turn up at the court with 2 other men and showing me the court door ( he thought we were waiting for him at the door) well - I have possession order - i know he will still try to delay it further but my solicitor said nothing to worry now as he has no good enough reasons for it. I only typed the whole episode as it may be helpful to our Rla member.
Now question is use county court bailiffs or HCEO - my solicitor said our area isn't busy so go with bailiffs but don't want him to give any extra day . How to appoint HCEO directly ?
04/08/2015 21:57

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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