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Julie D
Julie D
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Hi there,

I'm not really sure what my query comes under. I have a 6 room HMO next door to me which I mangage myself. I have the HMO licence and the inspector said I had the best maintained house in the area.

I have a tenant renting one large double with ensuite which already has masses of eaves storage all down the side of the room. It feels like he has commandeered most of the house. He has a moborbike in the side alley and put a lock on the side gate. He has a sports car on the drive and also a large van. I have asked him previously to park the van around the corner and he agreed but it has crept back onto the drive again.

My question is about my big shed in the garden. I was storing furniture from the house he did not want in the living room such as the dining room chairs. I also have my decorating and gardening bits in there. Slowly he has moved in all of his tools, ladders and so much stuff that I couldn't even get into the shed to find a tool the other day. I asked him to clear his things out of the shed but he didn't bother. He followed this up by telling another tenant that he could deposit all his dismantled furniture in there from where he split with his ex girlfriend and they had an unfurnished flat together. He again is only renting a room.

The initial tenant who seems to be a hoarder as he has even left stuff in the hallway upstairs which I've told him to remove as it contravenes the fire safety rules and risks my licence I assume. Again he has not moved these things either.

This tenant says that someone in the house has contacted the council about my HMO and my messages regarding removing things from the shed. Nobody else in the house seems to think that this would have been necessary and assured me it wasn't them. I think this person thinks that I'm invading his space with regards to using the shed where I store everything I need for the maintenance of the house. This is because the shed is in the house where he lives and I live next door.

Am I right in assuming that it is perfectly reasonable for me to keep the shed for the storage of my own things needed for the house? Is it unreasonable to ask him to remove everything?

Also, has the section 21 already been abolished do you know? I issue 6 months leases which I renew every six months even though they are on a periodic basis. Is it enough to just say that I do not wish to renew his lease mid December if he does not comply with my requests. The lease he has says he is renting a room including all bills with use of the garden and use of the drive for 'a' car.It doesn't say that he can store all of his things in my shed. Maybe I need to add this to my lease so it is more obvious.

Can you reply by Friday as he is back from holiday this Sunday September 22nd and I need to put together a letter.

Regards Julie D of High Wycombe

11/09/2019 12:35

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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