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Openrent - what is their game?

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I am 3 days into a new listing with Openrent. The more I experience them the more puzzled I am.
We have talked on this forum about the crazy feature Rent Now, whereby a tenant can put down a holding deposit on a property they have never seen. Why would they want to annoy landlords in this way?
Yesterday I did a mock enquiry myself. I got a long e mail response from them telling me why landlords should never do this. Do they not understand - they work for me and I am going to check up on them?
What I learned from this enquiry is that they ask the enquirer for personal data which is not passed on to the landlord - in particular full home address with postcode. What do they think they are playing at? Taking personal data, taking the enquirers time, distracting the enquirer from focussing on the property and answering MY questions to harvest data for who and for what? What are they doing with this data if it does not go to me?
When I queried this with them their response was that they leave the tenant in control of their own data, giving them the choice of what they tell me. How ridiculous.
When I read their terms & conditions they say enquirers provide their data to Openrent for the purpose of using Openrent services. I seems to me as bad as Facebook. Are they selling this data to advertisers? Are they contacting the enquirers to sell them things? Just what are they playing at/?

12/09/2019 09:32

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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