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Damage to bathroom caused by tenant

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Mel Rose
Mel Rose
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We have a two bedroom flat shared by two tenants. One female tenant has an en-suite bedroom, while the other tenant (male) has a bedroom and the flat bathroom. His tenancy began in 2012 and within a few months we were speaking to him about his failure to clean his bedroom and excessive moisture in the bathroom, due to lack of cleaning.

Oak veneer fire door damaged by black mould on inside of door (bathroom side). Replacement cost 200. Heated towel rail rusty and has come away from wall due to weight of wet towels placed on it by tenant. Black mould on paint of ceiling and grout between tiles.

Tenant asked to pay initially just for the door and he got very angry. We were not able to continue discussions. He immediately said that he was giving one month's notice until I pointed out that he was on a six month AST which expired in September (we met him in July). After he calmed down he said that he was prepared to pay half (100), but no more.

His deposit was 375 as he pays 325 a month and if he had to pay for all the damage that will be over 375. He also mentioned that the bathroom was damp as the extractor fan had not worked for a period. However, in 2013 on an inspection visit we noticed that he had turned off the extractor fan, presumably to save money. We emailed stating that it should be left on and arranged for the extractor to stay on for the maximum period.

We've written numerous emails and mentioned it during many inspection visits about drying the bathroom, leaving the extractor on etc., but we know from his previous landlady that he left a mouldy & grimy bathroom and we wonder how to proceed as he hasn't really learnt from his previous experience. Indeed he told us that he had never had any problems in previous tenancies and blamed the tiles we have, saying that they were difficult to keep clean and is asking for a surveyor. We have brought him a squeegee and showed him how to clean etc. We do not wish to be liable with the damage & is there any more we can do to ensure the deposit is used to pay for the door, towel rail, paint etc., cleaning.

Please advise us.
10/08/2015 21:05

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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