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I have a flat which is let to three individuals but there is one contract in place for all of them. The tenancy was originally setup by John D Wood (JDW) at least 5 years ago and they provide a rent collection service for a monthly percentage fee and found the original tenants. The original tenants have all moved out but using memorandums of agreements, there have been a few change of sharers but the original contract still stands. JDW have not been involved in finding the new sharers.

The problem I have is that JDW are completely useless and never do anything correct. I no longer want to use them but they say "The agreement that we have made in accordance with our terms of business does mean that a fee is payable to us for the period that tenant, tenants or associates of remain in the property" if I no longer want to use them but keep the tenants in place.

Is there not a point at which I can say they are so useless that I can do the job better without them without having to continue to pay them? I could expand on the issues if required. A couple of recent examples include not sending the renewal agreement to all tenants, and stating there is a renewal fee for the new agreement when we agreed there would be no fee.

I look forward to hearing back.

Kind regards

11/08/2015 13:14

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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