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I had recently shared tenants who split up after the first month of a 6 month AST. The male left the female to sort all of the problems out. basically he did a runner. Eventually after much grief I managed to collect the second months rent from both of them some 2 weeks late. The female now on her own could not afford the rent and bills that would be piling up. So with consultation from both parents of both tenants I agreed to readvertise the property at my initial cost. I was lucky enough to get a tenant within 1 month and therefore the remaining tenant was given a date to move out on. I was then left with the task of prepairing the house for the new tenant. The Male tenant stated he wanted no deposit returned due to messing me around. He was also the lead tenant. The female was also told that as she was the last in the property she would have to leave it in the same standard it was occupied in. as stated in the AST. The houe needed 2 days cleaning and the gardens sorting out, some 12 bags of garden waste and other home appliances removing. I entered the details in the DPS and forwarded the house addresses to where the tenants were now contactable. The DPS rreturned all of the deposit to me. A total of 675.
I have now been contacted by the parents of the female saying they had a letter saying the deposit would be shared equally between them both. I have had no complaints from the male, just the female. I suppose the costs of the cleaning and removal of the house costs around 125 and the cost of advertising cost 70. Can anyone help?
04/10/2010 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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