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An interesting situation that I will keep to the facts .. but is this person a squatter.

1. Owners give agent right to let property. (value of property 120K)
2. 2 Years later, Administrators for agents business contacts owner to say company gone bust, house if now yours.
3. I, with owner, visit property and speak to current person living there. He says he had a deal with bankrupt agent to buy house, and paid agent 10K plus seven months of monies at 600 a month. The 600 PCM over 7 years would apparently have paid off the other remaining amount to the value of 60K). This is fraud in my book. and the guy living there needs to deal with Administrator to get his money back, if this is even possible.
4. I check land registry and luckily the property is still in current real owners name - phew.
5. Chap living there says I'm not going, under any circumstance, as I have a deal with dodgy agent.

So .. is he squatting? and as it's been less than 28 days since we found him in there, we can go IPO or is he a pseudo sitting tenant ... ?

I've tried to offer him 10K to go .. but his gran (God bless her) is telling him to stay put.

He;s now no longer paying anybody any money each month since we spoke to him.

Incidentally the rogue agent even tried to get the rent from him paid to a dodgy account after he went bankrupt .. which happened for two payments only, until we made contact.

Appreciate a view on this, as I've never come across one like this.

Guy will not give us his name either ..


14/08/2015 14:30

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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