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I would appreciate members advice here plse.

I had £1175 as a deposit lodged with TDS.
The exiting tenant caused more than £1200 of expense post leaving, with receipts to prove.

I was using a professional letting agent and paid for inventory in and out. The photos etc were clear and showed the issues - front garden full of rubbish, rear garden overgrown, uncleaned interior, paint on stair carpet etc.

HOWEVER, the useless agent uploaded to TDS the check-in inventory twice, even calling it check out.doc, but it was the same document. TDS picked up on this and didn't even bother to chase up, unbelievably, saying they don't chase agents, and basically awarded me £385 only and have said its closed, no appeals here I;m afraid...

I have gone back to the Agent and said they are liable, and they have finally offered me £300, so in all I'll get back £685.

I'm likely going to accept but, as I am still £485 out of pocket, I thought Id just ask on here if anyone has any other opinions or has maybe seen this before ?

16/09/2019 11:44

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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