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Pursuing rent arrears - MCOL and CCJ

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I have an order for possession directing the defendant to pay £1596.50 and I have been researching the best way to try to recover this.

I am not clear if I need to use MCOL to enforce the order.

I want to get a County Court Judgment but am not sure if MCOL is the way to do this.

Separately, I can see that I can use an N316 Order to Obtain Information to get the tenant to provide their employer and bank details so I can use either or both a N349 Third Party Debt Order and N337 Attachment of Earnings.

The tenant has gone abroad briefly during the deadline for giving possession but promised they will be out by the end of this month (2 weeks after the deadline) so I thought I might wait until then before instructing CC bailiffs in the vain hope he keeps this commitment (thanks for previous responses about high court v county court bailiffs!).

So my specific questions are:
How do I get the county court judgment?
Do I need to use MCOL if I have an order for possession and payment?
Any advice re the N349/N337

19/09/2019 00:12

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