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Broken window

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Can you please advise on a repair related issue please.

I went with my management agent to carry out a house inspection and take pictures for a mid-term inspection report. My tenant has been served section 21 previously, but three months on and he is still there. But I decided it is necessary to do this report.

The entrance to the house has two main doors, one from street side then second door leading into the house. The second which leads into the house is a classic white wooden door, but has a very large glass panel in the middle. When we got there this glass panel was broken, very much in the middle, which appears as if an object such a brick or a furniture item have knocked it centrally, leaving behind a large hole with a few large cracks. The rest of the panel seems intact. He covered the entire glass panel with a wooden board and drilled nails into the door to do to fix it. So, the panel is ruined, but the door now have holes too due to the repair which he chose to carry out himself before informing me or the agent.

The agent advised that even though this clearly looks very strange and is due to negligence, (deliberately or not), we can never be sure, but I am responsible and I must repair it immediately as it is not safe the way it is. That is of course is something I always carried out without any hesitation, I never have refused a repair of any kind. But he did not inform me or the agent, and he claims this happened two months ago!! And we had a lot of communication, in person and by emails, but he failed to tell me about it. so the delay is not my fault at all! He claims his grandchild was closing the door and the glass panel just cracked and the middle part just fell off.
Just to highlight, this is a repeat of very similar kind of attitude ever the years, always showing an extreme lack of care in handling the house or reporting very important repairs issues, until I discover it myself later while inspecting. And the stories have always been hard to believe.

The agent has sent a contractor now and it will be dealt with immediately.

The question is about the cost, who should pay for the cost when it obviously looks the tenant is extremely careless?? I will pay the contractor, but where does it stop? is it fair to ask him for a contribution? because the whole door is ruined now that he decided to repair it by drilling nails in it.

He paid me less than half the rent for this month. And also warned me he might not be able to pay next month onwards as he lost his job and does not know what he is going to do.

19/09/2019 12:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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