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Hi ALl,

We previously managed a property on behalf of a client and we found the tenant for this property. We have just reminded the tenant that their rent has become due again, and they told us that the new managing agent has drafted an Addendum and already given the tenant the new bank details so that she can transfer the monies to them for the rent payments.

The problems we see are the following:

1) We were not informed of this in any way that we would stop receiving rent payments from the tenant by the new managing agent. In our experience some agents continue to collect rent even though somebody else manages the property.
2) The Landlord does not have a UK bank account, therefore if we agree that the rent be transferred to the third party agency that we open ourselves up to money laundering, and in fact should report them to HMRC for this very reason.
Essentially the question is: can rent be paid to to a third party that is not the Landlord and that is not named on the original tenancy agreement and is not the Letting agent that originally let out the property.

Thanks in advance
24/08/2015 20:29

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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