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Good morning All

For those who are subject to or may fall under a selective licensing scheme, you may well have been told a scheme is only for 5 years, at the moment Thanet District Council have issued a consultation on extending their scheme for another 5 years once the current one expires.
The full proposal can be found on the TDC website, much is made of the trouble they have had getting landlords to apply for licences and issues with gaining access to property. Fees second time round are reduced but effectively good landlords who applied early and with good property will again be subsidising the councils enforcement teams.
I'm a little dismayed that the RLA are silent on the matter and have had no interest in challenging TDC or other council directly.I the case of TDC blanket requirement for EICR and occupancy limits (harsher than the housing act and applicable only in the licensing area) along with the councils refusal to use HHSRS to justify either condition despite saying they work to HHSRS, would seem areas that could be challenged and mediated.
The proposal is little more than a formality as only landlords will be against it and TDC have invited all and sundry to comment.
Any others having similar experiences?

all the best phil
25/08/2015 10:29

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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