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Tenant been very good for two years except for an issue last January when things rent wise were delayed "car trouble I'm told) by a week or two.

So in 24 months, one month of issue and no more.

Now my own fault, I noticed that August rent went un-paid (three days ago) when the September rent arrived. I texted and phoned to explain, and showed ledger with it missing.

Tenants wife tells me her husbands bank had been frozen in August, but was resolved, in August. Said her husband would find out what is going on.

Husband texts me today (after I call & text both for an update), saying that he has been in the bank and proven who he is and waiting for account to be unfrozen then he can send me August money.

Here is the rub, somebody is not telling all the truth, either the account was frozen in August and you resolved it as per wife's text or the account is frozen now (which it cannot be as your September payment arrived ok on the 16th September).

I'm smelling a rat here ...


20/09/2019 12:38

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