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My tenants have paid their rent on 25th of the month since the tenancy began (1 year ago) and it is obviously in the contract for that date too. I have now received this statement from one of the tenants, I quote.....
"(Name blocked for obvious reasons)'s new work pay staff on 28th of the month and I get paid on the 27th, so it is going to be impossible for us to pay the rent on the 25th now. Is it okay to set up the standing order for the 27th going forward?"

Firstly, the payment on 25th has been coming form his account (she may have transferred it) but secondly, this now interferes majorly with my mortgage payment and being abroad, it is difficult for me to call UK and change my payment date, but more to the point, I'm not sure I should have to if this is the agreed date they pay me.
Does this seem unreasonable?

It may help you to know that I have recently tried to increase the rent but backed down as they were very difficult and threatening and I cannot afford to look for new tenants for the next few months being in a different country. I feel like they know this and are pulling my strings a little!!
Usually, I would just state this is impossible because of my mortgage commitments, but what if I end up with the rent not going in on time. Any advice greatly valued please! (although, please don't advise me to get rid of the tenants as although they may be the most obvious action, that is not possible for me right now)
31/08/2015 18:18

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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