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Tenant appealed on possession order warrant

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I was able to get the possession order based on Section 21 in June 2019 with 4 weeks notice which means the tenant has to vacate on 8th July 2019.
The tenant didn't vacate on that date.
I applied for the warrant for possession of order at the end of Aug which I received in Sep with eviction date set by Bailiffs on 1st Oct 2019.

The tenant now appealed to suspensed the eviction on the grounds that his wife is pregnant and due at any point of time.

I got a hearing on 26th Sep at county court.

I am assuming that the possession order was granted based on section 21 and hence can't be suspended.

  1. Can the judge set aside the possession order or suspend the possession order.
  2. On what points I can ask the judge not to set aside the order.
  3. Are the reasons for appeal valid? I have given them enough time (around 7weeks) to move but they didn't move alongside 4 weeks by the judge

24/09/2019 23:29

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