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I have a property which has tenants in it under a contract I set up with a letting agent. Im not happy with the agent and cost so Im using the RLA (thank you) there contras does not end for a month so I have some time.

I have had them fill out some the paperwork and write application. My issue is this my house lets too the tenants for 900pcm which for the 12 month the tenants have been has been fine.

One of the 2 tenants lost there job 4 months ago having seen the application the second Tennat earns a low income.

21k I believe having read information on the site that is not enough too pay for my property rent.

They have not missed a payment so or mentioned a problem.

My quest is now I know they possible don't earn enough too rent this property on a single salary should I not give then a new tenancy mean I know I not rich.

Also if I do give them a new contract would I be at any insurance fault having let the proper too tenants who income won't cover the rent and bills.

Kindest Regard Chris

25/09/2019 02:41

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