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Dear RLA,

I have recently fallen foul of the changes in council tax to empty unfurnished properties.

Kirklees Council sent a bill for the unpaid council tax to an out of date address that my business partner had sold 3 years ago. The outcome was that by the time the owners contacted my business partner we had incurred 400 of bailiffs costs on top of the 119.51 over due amount and the bailiffs were about to break in. I have no problem with the 119.51 but the council didn't try very hard to find me. Two questions

1. Has the law changed and do councils now charge council tax to owners for unoccupied unfurnished AST properties. Could you provide details please.

2. What duty does the council have to find the correct address for the owner. The land registry title has the wrong address for my business partner but the right address for me. They could easily have sent me the notices.

I wonder if you would be kind enough to advise if I have a case to ask for the 400 refunding due to their error.

Kind regards

04/09/2015 15:23

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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