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Dear RLA team,

I am a new landlord and I would like to get some advice on action plan with rent arrears by my tenant.

Tenant moved in May 2019 and we made tenancy agreement for 1 year. He way paying rent fairly on due date for first 3 months and he paid 29 days late for September after serving 2 reminder letters and not paid for October. We agreed that he will vacate the property by end of October and handover keys on 1st of November. then I will deduct the due rent from his deposit.
Note: All this are agreed orally and exchanged via SMS messages

I am planning to advertise the property in the market, agreeing new tenant to move in November.


  1. As I have orally agreed with tenant that he will move end of October, do I need to make a formal agreement with him to vacate by end of October ?
  2. what if he don't honour the agreement and will continue staying in the property as the original AST is for 1 year and it is still valid
  3. or as he didn't pay the rent, should I start with eviction process?

Can you please advice me on this


30/09/2019 09:43

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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