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tenant authorising without consent

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Iv had something or a couple of issues come up. The tenant on moving around 2 year in wanted a water meter installed ( the property was on rates before). I agreed in principle, however I said I wanted to consult with Essex and Suffolk water agree in writing then oversee the installation as I wanted it put in outside and they were strictly not to cut into the kitchen cupboards and to make good....

The tenant ignored this authorised it themselves and you can guess what a large utility firm has done without having the job overseen...

This came up last inspection.

Yesterday whilst authorising some permissions to allow tree works over some land for UKPN , The contractor informed me that the tenants at my house (not knowing of course they were tenants) had signed the permissions to cut back 2 trees in the garden where overheads power lines are, again in principle I haven't a problem, but I would have expected consultation from the tenants.... and I do want to oversee the work.

Are the tenants within there rights to authorise such things? and what should I do about the mess they have made of the water meter?

02/10/2019 08:40

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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