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I am trying to help someone. They had a year AST, the agent is one of the high street ones who are trying to bully him so he has to pay extra rent and they are trying to take all of his deposit.
His deposit has been protected but he understood his deposit was 1900 but the certificate is 1600.
When he moved in he had a copy of the infantry which he altered and expanded on the paperwork and gave it back to the agent but did not take a copy himself, and the agent did not send him a revised copy.
He did however take photos at the time.
He rented this property for a year whilst he was building himself his own home.
The property was in a bit of a state, the first thing he had to do was deflea the house, and clean up all the mould. During the year with the agents permission he has replaced most of the flooring as was split, repaired the leaking sink, put plugs on all sinks and baths, decorated and done general repairs.
About six weeks ago they contacted him to renew his AST, he informed them he would not be renewing. He was told he had to give notice in writing. He did do this but as he was working for me as well as running his business he hurried the email which he sent the 3rd August and dated it the 15th instead of the 11th, no one contacted him until yesterday to query the mistake, as he always said the 11th when speaking to them. He is quiet happy to pay for the four days and they have given him a figure for that.
He was meant to be doing the final inspection this morning at 9:30, they did not turn up until after ten, they did not have a copy of the agreed infantry they only had the original before changes for the damage and state of the property was done. She was very rude, and made aspersions on his character because he needed to rent, she would not look at the photos as she said they are irreverent.
She would not tell him what they are going to charge for, just made copious notes on all the faults she maintained there was, but would not let him read or tell him what she had written, she said it would be costed by the head office and they would not even look at it until after the 15th. At the end she told him to leave the premises so she could lock up. He then realised he had left an important item in the house, she said he would have to make an appointment with head office to be let in to get it, as he was not allowed back in the house.
They are also hinting that he will have to pay administration charges of several hundred pounds as he went over the year.
Did he have to give written notice seeing as he was leaving at the end of the AST ?
He has paperwork only tells him the deposit is two months rent which does not come to either figure mentioned, has he a foot to stand on ?
Can he use his photos as proof ?
If the agent cannot produce the real infantry can they charge for differences ?
Can they take any of the Deposit seeing the house is in a much better state than a year ago?
When does the 10 days for return of the deposit, is it 10 working days or straight days ?
They say it does not start until both sides agree the charges.
11/09/2015 12:56

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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