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unsure how to proceed

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Dear Sir/Madam
I received the email below from a tenant on Monday 30/8/2019.

"Hi xxxxxxxxxxxx
I hope youíre both well! Just needed to let you know of some changes. Last September xxxxxx and I separated and so Iíve been alone at xxxxx Road until now. It slipped my mind to let you know this until now as my new partner is moving in with me as of Wednesday. I donít know whether it matters too much as Iíve always paid the rent in any case but her name is xxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx"

All the best,

The Tenant and his ex partner signed an AST written by an estate agent in the area (property is approx a 4 hour drive away from me) in 2013.
The tenants have been on a periodic for some years.They have never had a rent increase.
Note:- The estate agents were not/are not employed as managing agents, just as a tenant find.
The Estate agent registered the deposit with the DPS all those years ago and it is still there.
The Estate agents changed ownership some years ago, the original owner retired.
I have not received any sort of notice from the female ex partner that she was leaving/left(unlikely, but she may return to the property and want to live there as a tenant)
I would like to issue a standard 6 month RLA AST agreement then on to a periodic solely to the male tenant, also giving a small rent rise--circa 5%.
I would also like to remove the deposit from the estate agent and the DPS, return the extra (any over 5 weeks) to the tenant and lodge the 5 weeks deposit with the TDS.
How do I remove the deposit from the estate agent/DPS, forward any to the tenant (that is over 5 weeks, transfer the remainder to the TDS.
Do I then treat this as a new tenancy and issue all the relevant
Would it also be prudent to do a new inventory.
Basically starting as you would, a new tenancy.
How would you do an inventory with the tenant and his belongings already in situ?
With Regards

02/10/2019 11:17

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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