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Clause in Tenancy Agreement

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Our property is managed by a professional letting agent. We originally specified that any tenants should have no dogs or other pets. However, the agents introduced tenants who had a dog and suggested that the tenancy agreement should specify regular cleaning of the carpets in the property. A six month shorthold tenancy agreement was drawn up in August 2014 and included a special condition clause that the tenant was to 'have all carpets professionally pet cleaned and sanitized by a contract cleaning company at the end of the tenancy'. At the expiry of the six months tenancy agreement, no cleaning was done and the arrangement reverted to a statutory periodic tenancy which continues. In August 2015, we asked that the carpets be cleaned and the tenants refused on the basis that they had no obligation to do so until the end of the tenancy. We responded by offering them a new 12 month shorthold tenancy provided that the carpets were cleaned immediately. The new agreement would also specify regular (annual) cleaning. In the absence of acceptance of this offer, we propose to end the tenancy under S.21.

The tenants have been otherwise very good tenants and we are in two minds whether our proposed actions are justified or whether they may be legally opposed by the tenants. The agents themselves have not been particularly helpful. We would appreciate the advice of others who may have had a similar experience.
13/09/2015 10:16

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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