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Tenant has gone AWOL

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I have two tenants on one AST for a two-bedroom flat (they are not together/friends, just happen to share the flat). One of the tenants has disappeared for several days - last seen by my other tenant with suitcases leaving in a taxi with her Irish brother (they are both from Cork). She has taken most of her belongings except for a few things and my other tenant has just discovered her house keys in the kitchen. She always pays her rent on the first or second of the month and has not done so now. Text messages do not appear to be going through at all and she has not responded to emails or an approach on LinkedIn. All of this points to her surrendering her tenancy and not coming back.

Can I advertise to get another tenant in and dispose of her remaining belongings? I am concerned at the loss of rent given my mortgage obligations and my other tenant is also stressed by the situation.

Please advise! Thanks

04/10/2019 17:14

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