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flooded garden due to adjacent new build gardens being higher than mine...anyone

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Hello colleagues
A recent purchase [semi]has now got a flooded garden after severe rainfall. Visited many times over past 6 months to monitor the new -build Barratt Homes housing going up adjacent to this corner plot property that I was 'buying'.

3 gardens laid to lawn directly abut my new purchase. Last week on a site visit with my builder we saw my lawn that runs down away from the house was under 3 ft of rain water.
The builder identified the problem as surface water from 3 gardens at a higher elevation running downhill to collect in my lower-lying garden beneath.
He advised asking Barratt Homes what provision [ if any] they'd made for compulsory 'land drainage' for surface water in their application to Building Control. He said that sewers for effluent are always the 1st priority for a developer. Of less priority though is drainage of surface water, usually via 'land drains' or suitably- sized, suitably-sited 'soakaway pits'.
Complained to Barratt Homes, a very large outfit in these parts. They've made all the right noises asked for photo's, passed emails,etc to lots of other depts. I was heartened by all this heat- this UNTIL I went on-line & read the exact sort of complaints from home-owners with houses adjacent to their new builds, plus also their own BH customers.
In a nutshell Barratt refer them ALL to their insurers & suggest complainants claim on their ins then those comps claim against them. The complaints rumble on as the complainants rightly point out they are then disadvantaged by higher premiums because of the claim & the threat of future flooding.
Apparently clay heavy soil isn't suitable for 'soakaways' & to join onto the nearest sewerage system is very expensive to achieve. Lots of planning permissions needed. The reality is this should have been incorporated into building costs. What price affordable housing, when corners are cut in this way?

The on-line complainants refer to their discovery that the 10 year 'new house- build guarantee' is only applicable to a certain sized perimeter from the new builds' front door. Some quote 10 metres, some quote 20 metres so are not interested in problems when 'surface water' drainage is over those distances.

In these early days I'm just asking if any colleague has had the same problem?
Some complaints are ongoing after some years. Involving En. Health, Building Control, etc, had been a waste of time - as they didn't want to upset the 'big boy developers' buying up thousand of acres of waste land for building swathes of houses,industrial units & shopping hubs.
Cost of sinking the garden 'soakaways' would be circa 1.5 £K to me. I've suggested that Barratt Homes pay for the work because their 'careless landscaping of adjacent gardens' & wholesale felling of water-hungry trees, has created the problem. The cat is indeed amongst the pigeons!

Anyone got technical expertise in this?

06/10/2019 13:01

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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