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Evicting tenants or give them a new tenancy?

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A couple of years ago I let my house to a letting agent who put tenants in my property. I received rent for 2 years then they went bust. I was left with tenants, no rent and no deposits. I tried to ask tenants to leave which most did. However a family of four, a husband and wife and 2 children were in one of the rooms and did not want to leave. I was wrongly advised to continue renting to this family and since it has been hard to acquire any other tenants. I am aware of the overcrowding of the room too but they won't separate into different rooms. I have a friend who rents one other room however with this being the case I understand that this is now a HMO and I need a liscence. I did sign a new tenancy with the family but it is my understanding that this would not stand up in court to evict as there is no liscence. They are looking to stay for the long haul and are wanting to sub let the other rooms. I fear I will loose total control of the property if this happens. But I don't know what other options I have left. Should I do a new tenancy with a liscence for just them for 6 months then serve a section 21? They need to be formally evicted to qualify for social housing which is what there intention is however I don't know how to evict them legally because of the entire mess! I have spoke to several solicitors but no one seems to know what to do. I'm hoping someone here might be of some help and possibly shed some light on this complicated matter.

07/10/2019 00:10

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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