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Am putting into action with my next rental,luxury one bed flat a cleaning fee as we end up doing much of this which needs to be done between tenancies.

Will be charging a small deposit,however have decided to charge a cleaning fee at the beginning of the tenancy for end of tenancy deep cleaning.
This is because although the property may look great when they think they have cleaned it ALWAYS requires a lot if effort from us

It will include the following
1. Dry cleaning of heavy velvet style curtains in living room
2. Polish laminate floors
3. Clean high up places the tenants cannot reach or do not want to reach,they cannot use ladder as they will sue you if they fall off eg for cleaning above curtain rails,the light fittings on the ceiling,the smoke detectors,the hear detectors,the carbon monoxide detectors,the fire extinguisher,the fire blanket box,the light fittings on ceiling,the shower extractor,
4 Cleaning huge tall bay window in living room inside and out,cleaning tall kitchen window inside and out,cleaning bedroom window inside and out.
5 Deep clean oven racks in bath of caustic soda
6 Deep clean hob parts
7,Professional cleaning of oven and hob
8 Replace carbon filters in hood extractor

They will still clean to a minimum standard if they require their deposit back

Thinking 400 as everything on here is expensive if you have to pay to have it done
How much do others think?
Would welcome your comments.
Much of the cleaning mentioned cannot be seen by video,photo on an inventory so it would be hard to prove the dust to a DPS judge

20/09/2015 17:17

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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