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Chasing and collecting Rent arrears and damages from AWOL tenant

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Hi Everyone
I have a few little questions sorry...this is what I think I'm going to do....

Take my tenant and the guarantor to small claims court jointly, Tenant has gone AWOL (tracing agent can't find her)and I don't know if she has a job anymore, I believe she is sharing with a friend till she gets a house,

Guarantor I don't think is working but I think owns their own house.(guarantor knew daughter was bad news before she signed as she had signed previously and lost out )

  1. I used a letting agent to find tenant and do the checks, letting agent has told me I can't have the information on the checks she did, Can I not have this legally as I paid for it? data protection? , it was my house and I believe she left her last property in a mess, and wonder if she already had CCJ's.
  2. Am I allowed to inform other letting agents to make sure if this person comes for a house to make sure they do the correct checks, obviously she will not use me or my address as a reference, is currently using her x boyfriends Mum's address to obtain something (tracing agent gave me that address that she had only been using last week)
  3. I would like to take her to court so its on record that she is a bad tenant and save other landlords going through what I have but if its not financially viable, do I just stop now? I just want to let other people know not to rent to her,

She is a single mother with 3 kids, not living with her, I'm sure she will use this card when she needs to,

Sorry about the long message and thanks in advance for any help


07/10/2019 13:06

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