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Hi i have been trying to update all properties and increase epc ratings. However, i have one property that remains on F23. The tenant has been there for some 20 years.

I have installed internal wall insulation on over 50% of the property and completed loft insulation to current depth.

The property si all electric.

The tenant does not want storage heaters as he is not there every day and so needs a heating system he can turn onas he needs it( storage heaters need to be switched on overnight and he may not be there for a number of days)

So in discussion with him I have fitted new electric radiators that are wall mounted , have a theromstat and timer ( from B and Q)

The epc recommendation is to fit storage heaters which will not meet the tenants needs

I can and will fit a dual immersion cylinder.

But without storage heaters or solar heating which is expensive for a 1 bed house- i'm not sure how i can improve to get above the F rating which will not be allowed..

Tenant wants to stay in the property. What will happen when the epc rating comes in- is it likely to be just on new tenancies??

Any advice will be welcome.

Most of the other properties are now d or c
except one other which is also fully electric here i have provided internal wall insulation to over 50% of property- and loft insulation.

The advice is more wall insulation which is not possible- and to change heating to gas condensing boiler- but there is no gas to the flat?? This proeprty has storage heaters- but they are not new but the tenant rarely uses the heating as it is a warm flat.
This proerty is on an e45
I'm not sure if you can advise me or tell me where to go for suggestions?

All my properties are fully double glazed

Any advice or comment will be welcome to help me get the property on an f upgraded without storage heaters

Thanks Sharon
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21/09/2015 09:09

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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