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smoking cannabis with friends in our car park

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a tenant has been in situ for 4 and half months. landlord and tenant have a mutually beneficial break clause at 8 months.
tenant now parking and smoking cannabis regularly in our car park, and other tenants raised issue of cannabis being smoked, and offending tenant & his visitors playing music. tenancy agreement is clear that no parking for any tenants is allowed.
happy to send a letter immediately about no parking allowed. happy to follow this up in a week's time about anti-social behaviour, explaining that we have been informed that the tenant has been seen parked regularly in this area. We have been given photographic evidence by another tenant, but cannot verify personally he is smoking cannabis. Basically would like to know what you would do to get rid of the tenant at the earliest opportunity
? I want to serve a section 21 notice now before 1st October changes so we can just say we wanted the property back regardless. must this notice now end after 8 months' as per break clause or can i serve it now to end shortly after six months..
anything else you would suggest, as we don't want other tenants to think we are doing nothing about it. obviously understand we have an obligation to act, but not to the point where we are now exposed to no more rent being paid whilst eviction process is underway.
don't want the offending tenant to know we are aware of the abuse as very difficult to follow section 8 route.
21/09/2015 13:32

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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