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Hythe man
Hythe man
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I have a case of a Tenant who is causing me a headache I just wondered what everyone else would do.
When the Tenant moved in the washing machine was about a year old, we cleaned it before he moved in. The other day he came in with another Tenant who had a faulty old fridge, which I swapped over to a nearly new one. Then he started to complain about his washing machine was making his washing dirtier whilst in the wash and making a noise, he was determined that he wanted it changed, so to get rid of him I agreed to swap to another machine which I knew worked as it has come in from another property a month ago, I did give him some detergent to run the wash trough once empty to get rid of any stale water.
The next day he complained about that machine as there was hairs on the back of the soap drawer and it smelt, he had not run it through.
I have now looked at his original machine whose filter was blocked as they had never cleaned it and the door seal was full of black goo, which explained the marks on the washing and the feet were not level so that accounts for the noise.
I have explained this all to him and said I am willing to swap back if he pays 10 for the man with a van and can plumb it in again.
He is not happy with that I think he is pushing for a new one like his friend has got.
23/09/2015 11:37

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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