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Hi Guys

I recently posted a question about my property management company, who are blatantly putting their middle finger up to me. I have numerous leaks around my property and my 11 year old daughters room has been condemned by fire safety because of risk of fire/electrocution.

And still they have not sent anyone around to fix.

Now i am starting court action because they ignored my solicitor's house disrepair protocol.

But speak to fellow residents the past 24 hours, basically, every one of them on the same floor as me are having same leak issues, and the property agent has also ignored their wishes to fix their issues.

I also found out this is because there is a serious issue with the movement of the property, so this is a job that will be into the millions, so they have no intention of fixing this issue,...

So guys, where do we stand if we have water leaking in every room, and the property management company has absolutely no intention to put right because of the fault with the building.

I have started a residents association to encourage people to team up and put pressure on these scum bags.

Is there any other advice you guys here can offer please?

And is there anyway i can get rid of this property management company - as i am sure i read somewhere, if you get enough people to put in a complaint, you can get the proeprty management company replaced.

any advise would be deeply appreciated as this is draining me and my family to our soul now.

thanks in advance


10/10/2019 17:59

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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