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Hello everybody! And especially the folk at RLA who can influence government policy(!).
Briefly..... the changes to Council Tax, in respect of empty properties, are unjust. It used to be possible to obtain discounts for empty properties - and most often the length of time for which the discount was allowed would cover the typical void period - and allow landlords to "refresh" their properties between tenancies. Unless you deliberately "destroy" your asset (ie make it uninhabitable as well as it being uninhabited) until you finish your refresh and secure a new tenant, the Council will charge you the FULL amount of tax, even though you are not using ANY of the services for which the tax is levied. This is obscene profiteering by Councils. It's about time the RLA latched onto this central government-backed scam - and achieved change. I appreciate that the scam does not only penalise landlords of let properties - EVERY property owner is being ripped off by this obscene profiteering. And where does the cash go?? Into tax-payer-funded obscene pension pots and golden handshake retirement cash gifts, to Council Executives..... it isn't required for any SERVICES because those services are not being used by/provided to the empty property owners.
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27/09/2015 15:29

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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