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Evicted lodger

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Had to carry out an eviction of the lodger in daughters house - they still need parents sometime - first ever eviction.

All outside door locks had to be changed for security (3 doors) and new keys cut so everyone had keys. - 272 for locks as needed locksmith - extra keys cut were at 3 per key - plus time to obtain.

2 days days work lost

Plus time and distance to travel to carry out eviction - 208 miles round trip.

cleaning of bedroom and intense clean of bathroom - took 2 hours to get that back to acceptable.

A deposit of 180 was taken and monthly rent - there was one week left of months rent.

He did not remove his things from the kitchen nor did he take all his belongings from his bedroom.

Police told us we could throw away his belongings at anytime , if he did not collect.

We kept/stored belongings for 6 weeks after he left and have just disposed of them.

He has now come asking for his deposit and the remaining weeks rent back.

Has not given forwarding address despite being requested for it -

What can be deducted from deposit/remaining rent for costs involved that would not have been incurred if it was not necessary to evict.

We assume the cost of the lock change, keys cut for the other lodger, cleaning costs, fuel costs, costs for carrying out the eviction, cost of storing/ removing his remaining belongings that were not removed/collected (trip to garbage location as could not go in bins)

Just to have locksmith in cost more than the deposit and remaining week together - so seriously out of pocket

Any advice gratefully appreciated.
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28/09/2015 20:35

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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