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Am I liable for council tax?

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My tenant has left and told the council she left on the 4th of the month. However, although i knew she was moving out, she did not return the key and still had furniture and possession in until the 9th (and beyond). On the 9th her partner told us they did not want anything that was left at the property . On the 12th with her agreement we filled a skip with the possession she had left and said she did not want. tenenat has paid for skip and we removed the many items.

However the council are claiming that becuase tenant was not living at the property from the 4th I am liable for council tax from that date I maintain it is from the 9th as that is when I got possession.

They are saying it is because it was a periodic or rolling tenancy and go on to quote all sorts... 'If there are no residents at a property then under section 6(2) (f) the 'owner' of the dwelling becomes liable.'

I have tried to talk to them and have asked for a manager to ring me because the person who wrote to me just sends out the pro forma letters as advised the pociy section of the LA.

I am further astonished that now letters from the Local Authroity do not have an address, phone number, or email contact. I am told this again is a policy decision!

But back to my point .. if the tenant retains the keys and still has possessions in a property can i be deemed liable for the council tax?

Any advise welcome. Thank you
06/10/2015 13:41

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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