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CAR PARK ANPR? Your thoughts please

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I know ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition reader) are seen as bad (airports MaCdonalds, Tescos, Sainsburys etc) but we have a block of flats in SE London that is plagued with people coming and going for :

- shops
- commuting to central London
- Occasional smooching
- drugs maybe
- other

Residents own their bays. Some are not happy that we have people are making more use of our private car park.

A gate is expensive, and can be seen as spending 30K to solve a £30 problem.

ANPR and a BPA registered monitoring company might be the way forward. The ones that chase people for money etc.

We have the Elizabeth Tube Line opening up in the next 18 months, assuming they do not delay it yet again) and this is almost certainly going to duel peoples desire to park in our car park. Also more roads are becoming yellow lined.

Park is so last year :-)

Anyway, anybody have an experience with these companies?

Don't all rush at once to reply :-) :-) :-)



11/10/2019 09:40

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