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Eviction under S21 after fixed term

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I rent rooms in shared houses and have a tenant who makes a total mess of the house for the other tenants has loud parties and amongst other things is always late paying rent, the landlord wants them out so, thinking the S21 is still in force from being issued when the tenant moved in, I issued a letter explaining the landlord wants the room back and the tenant has 30 days to move out. In the past this has always worked, without any question or complaint from the tenants.

This tenant however is working the system now and has gone to the council to get a council property.

I understood from the RLA course on possession that if a S21 is issued at the beginning of the tenancy it doesn't expire and is still in force in the periodic tenancy after the fixed term.

Can you confirm this and explain how I explain this to the Local Council who are telling me I have issued an invalid notice.

If I have done it wrong and should of issued 2 months in my letter can I extend the notice of the original letter or do I have to issue a new letter giving 2 months notice.

If I have to issue another 2 months notice do I need to issue a fresh S21.

Thanks for your Advice


21/05/2008 00:00

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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