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Disappearing Post? re changing tenancy / lodgers

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on Sept 28 I posted a question in here about a tenant moving out from a shared AST and the sole tenant remaining wanting to move in some cousins. I was wary of the cousins, as they do not have the normal references, being from Bulgaria. They all think they can find work and pay the rent, and certainly the tenants who have been here for two years have great track-record. So, I want to give them a chance, but not take all the risk to myself of them not getting work etc.

I offered them to pay me the next three months in advance, then review it, with the original tenant being the lead tenant, and the other two being his guests / lodgers. If they are making the money they thought, then great hey can stay. If they are struggling then they can all move on and I can find new tenants at that time. I was wondering about the paper-work, rights of the tenant / lodgers.

I had replies from two ppl including Dave on your team, which seemed fine .... but today, when I come to DO the job, the post and answers are not here. Has it been "moderated"or what? It is showing in my "your forum" section, but clicking the link takes me to a "thread not found "message, and it does not seem to be there when I look through the forums ..

I still need the advice! Waht I can remember was along the lines of do a 3 month AST for the remaining tenant with an addendum for the "lodging" cousins .. but I only skim read it, thinking I will pay more attention when it needs doing i.e. TODAY . when the RLA office is closed .. I am not sure how to word the addendum thing. Guess I will have to ring on Monday unless anyone has any ideas now?

10/10/2015 11:25

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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