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Council tenant eviction

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Good afternoon,

i have a tenant that recieves money from the council towards the costs of rent ect. The tenant called me to ask if she can leave before the end of the tenancy as she could not afford the rent, bills ect. She explained that she was going to ask her partners landlord if she and her child could move in with him. His landlord replied saying that they could not do this as the property was not big enough for them and a child.

After this, the tenant explained that she would stay until the end of the tenancy (17th november 2019) and that if i give her notice the council would help her, however, if she gave me notice then they would not assist her.

Following this i gave the tenant a Form 6A on 01 september 2019 to claim posession at the end of the tenancy(17th november 2019). To which the tenant was happy with.

Following this i have taken viewings and had another couple (working professionals) with a young child that would like the property. They have already handed in notice to their property and someone is moving into their current place when they leave..

However, although it has already been over 1 month the council have not replied to my tenant and nothing is getting sorted. I have contacted the council and they wont say anything to me or mention the case.
The council have said they will always tell their tenants to remain in the property until the landlord gets a court order to get them out.. however, The tenant is the one the wants to leave hence finding the replacement tenants so i dont know why i should have to go to court ect...

I am kind of stuff to know what to do next and the tenant is due to move out in 4 weeks.


14/10/2019 15:51

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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