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Hello colleagues..just a thought I'm sharing with the readership!
Sometimes I see that messages don't get a reply & then when I look at the vagueness of the message, I see why.

Busy folks I presume like myself skim read a posting & reply if be as helpful as possible.
Sometimes the messages aren't well-expressed, so it's not clear what the actual issue/problem is, or what help is required, or what answers to what questions are being sought.

The maxims of 'WHO,WHY,WHAT,HOW,WHERE,WHEN are useful to express oneself, as also is the sort of help or guidance you are expecting, - either from those colleagues who have experienced the same issue and therefore qualified to speak to that problem. Or,from those colleagues who are actually qualified in that discipline/field. You know the Helpdesk explains when they can't/won't advise outside their wide range of expertise.

I'd go one step further and suggest that first look at the Guidance or Document pages published on this site which do contain an enormous wealth of intricate info on a myriad of problems. The range of resources in this definitive library is there surely to be accessed first & then turn to conferring with colleagues, to be able to get in & between thorny issues.

Anecdotes are telling & always valuable to exercise, or to expand on a point. It's good to share problems or thoughts as I have today, this makes this forum valuable.
I don't think postees's would be reminded to refer to answers in the resources provided, however much folk felt like doing that.
Perhaps the zero replies are just a polite indication of that.
Best wishes to all as we settle into the autumn cycle of our AST's.
11/10/2015 12:16

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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