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  1. On 16 Sept 2019, our tenant contacted us and asked for humidifiers as their 2-bedroom flat is having a humidity problem. We were able to provide them one.
  2. We took a builder around within 7 days at the tenant's earliest convenience when he was present at home and investigated what was causing the laminate to erode so fast as the floor was not that old (only a few years).
  3. The builder realised a leak was coming from a pipe from the balcony above. The entire balcony would need to be fibre glassed over. The pipe would need to be replaced entirely. This would cause a lot of dust in his flat and make it uninhabitable and we were concerned for his new born baby.
  4. Repair works could be done within two weeks, however, the drying of the flat could take 6 - 8 weeks.
  5. We gave him two options. (I). To move out of the flat and find his own place. Or (ii). To move temporarily in the new studio flat we built opposite which would be ready for him to move in.
  6. He claimed he would not be able to sleep in the same room as his new born so we offered him two adjoining studio flats.
  7. Although both flats have electricity and heating, only one flat has running water. This is because Thames water need to do work on the flat and have not given us a fixed date as they are waiting for the Council to give them access to traffic control whilst they carry out the new water pipe works. As he was going to use the second flat only to sleep in and could shower in the first where his wife and child would live temporarily we thought this not to be an issue.
  8. When we informed him of the running water only being in one flat, he said he would rather wait until there was water in both. We have now told him this is out of our control as it is in the hands of Thames water and the council and it could take months. In the mean while his flat needs urgent work therefore we have told him his only other option is to find good own accommodation and move out.
  9. We are trying to connect a temporary supply of water but do not know when Thames water will provide a permanent supply. Temporary will still be a working supply.

What are our options legally speaking? What do you recommend we do?

16/10/2019 09:46

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This topic has been locked as no posts have been made within the last 90 days.
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